The University of Rock is an innovative music school that merges social media culture with modern music education.


Founded in Hollywood, CA, in 2015, it started as a vibrant Instagram community, quickly growing to over 800,000 followers and featuring over 5,000 artists. The platform has become a launchpad for artists to achieve success in the digital music industry.


We are dedicated to empowering musicians with the knowledge, tools, and community support needed to thrive in the modern music landscape,

University of Rock offers a range of programs tailored from beginners to seasoned pros.


Free Music Clubs: Ideal for musicians at all levels to explore, our Free Music Clubs provide a dynamic environment for growth, creativity, and connection. These clubs offer live playing workshops, feedback sessions, and the chance to engage with fellow music enthusiasts, all from the comfort of your home.


Music Accelerator Programs (Coming Soon): For those aiming to rapidly advance their skills, our upcoming Music Accelerator Programs are designed to immerse you deeply into specific areas of music and entrepreneurship. These intensive courses promise a fast-tracked progression to help you achieve your musical and financial goals.

While we once featured musicians on our Instagram accounts daily, our approach has evolved. Due to the platform’s growth and saturation, we’ve shifted to highlighting talent through our free music clubs. This transition allows for more personalized feedback and opportunities for members to be featured on our Instagram.


For more details about joining our clubs and the chance to be featured, click here.

Hi, it’s Jon. I’m here. Hope you’re well.

Getting involved is easy! Our free music clubs are the core of our community, welcoming musicians at any skill level. These clubs aim to nurture growth, spark creativity, and encourage collaboration.


By joining, you’ll connect with fellow musicians, participate in live workshops, and receive valuable feedback on your work, all under the guidance of seasoned professionals – from the comfort of your home.


Our club program is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their musical journey, share experiences, and learn in a supportive environment.


Learn more here.

Our IG sub accounts are now under a different username!

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@ur_keysclub (formerly @keysuniversity)

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